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About the Role

Power up your pins to improve online mapping for your town, city or country.

We are looking for people who understand the importance of accurate directions.  You valued this when you travelled and explored new places in the past.  This is an opportunity to bring your experience to online maps today. For big adventures or just getting home from work safely, online maps are every traveller's best friend.

Apply today and you could become a Peroptyx Evaluator using your local insight and knowledge to make routes more accurate, faster & safer.

Evaluator Attributes

  • Resident-In-Market: You will need to be living in your market for the last five years.
  • Self-starter: Working remotely requires the self-discipline to stick to a schedule and get work done, despite the distractions of a home or mobile office.
  • Web-savvy: Being adept at navigating the web, with good research skills to find the right information in a timely way.
  • Assessment ready: You will need to complete and pass online exams based on use-case requirements to qualify as an evaluator.

I'm loving the freedom this role gives me. I can work whenever I want!


The tasks are so different to the day job and the variety keeps it really interesting.  Payments are on-time and the extra cash really helps.

Shannon Keach, Ohio

Wonderful experience working with the Peropytx team. My onboarding was smooth and all my queries were answered promptly. I am able to understand new concepts and techniques to work on the annotation platform with guidance from Colm. With the team's guidance I am able to deliver my best work.

Uma Srikuma, Chennai